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Going digital for ……… ever!

Going digital for ……… ever!

(February 2, 2016)

Hospitals are always looking for ways to contain and/or eliminate costs while maintaining quality with the easy execution without disruption in your daily operations. Outsourcing entire departments has been a proven savings method. From Environmental Services, Food and Nutritional Services to virtual ICUs all are successful programs for cutting and controlling some of those costs.

Staying abreast of the newest plans of care, surgical and disease breakthroughs, etc. requires a library program. Living in the digital world of today eliminates most of the physical books and journals that must be housed for staff and Physician access. Many hospitals and other institutions are eliminating libraries altogether to the tune of about 115 per year, to cut the costs, yet, the need still remains. There is a solution, outsourcing. This critical need for learning can take place in a virtual on demand digital repository for those who need access.

With today’s technology, the whole book or journal need not be ordered, as a particular or specific article can be extracted by download and/or printed by the end user. Savings can be as much as 30% or sometimes even more. Institutions spend millions in product and labor supporting these educational needs. Going virtual will not compromise the needs and should make everything easier with one point of ordering and tracking. but, especially for the reduced costs associated for doing so.

Here are some great articles that back up our claims.

GREAT ARTICLE, STATS ABOUT WHICH LIBRARIES ARE CLOSING & WHY 4/2015 – http://nnlm.gov/mcr/p2pp/2015/04/looking-at-mcr-library-closures/

JOHNS HOPKINS FAMOUS LIBRARY WENT 100% DIGITAL IN 2012 TO SAVE MONEY – http://www.thedigitalshift.com/2011/10/digital-libraries/major-medical-library-closing-its-doors-to-patrons-and-moving-to-digital-model/

WRITTEN BY A LIBRARIAN IN 4/2013 – http://www.kraftylibrarian.com/the-business-of-hospital-libraries/

Not sure how to regain control of this out-of-control expenditure at your hospital? Call HPC today to learn how their Library Management Service (“LMS”) can help you, and tell them Chuck sent you.

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