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An obvious savings opportunity for HC or EDU

An obvious savings opportunity for HC or EDU

(January 18, 2016)

Most every healthcare entities and universities, from the doctor’s office, clinic, hospital to the largest IDNs and small or large institues of higher learning, have employees or professors that belong to associations and attend conventions as part of their requirement to maintain their certification, tenure or license. There is ASAHE, AORN, APIC, SHAE to name a few. Approvals, at each entity, are different. Some folks are told yes, attend your convention and book everything themselves and expense it, other entities do the booking for their employees.

I’ll bet that many, while seeing the individual entries in the departmental budget to actual spend, never combine that spend house wide. One IDN did and found the total spend to be greater than $13M!

Gathering the information up front, like other parts of the budgeting process can save up to 20%. While the associations have rates established for members and non-member to attend and hotel rates to compliment, letting Hilton Publishing Co dba HPC, www.Hiltonpub.com aggregate and negotiation for your entity(s), will reap the desired cash outlay reductions significantly.

HPC has a proven record of reducing these educational expenses for you, both in personal attendance and in print or electronic media. Using a share savings model, they can help meet your needs for literature and library needs to helping establish consistent guidelines to meet the educational needs of everyone in need and save you a great deal of money throughout the process.

Reach out to HPC at: (219) 922-4868 or email to: info@hiltonpub.com. Use the code “Charlie” and receive your analysis today.

By C McMaster, McMaster and Associates Enterprises LLC – CEO