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HPC (Hilton Publishing Co.) rolls out new website and branding initiative.

HPC (Hilton Publishing Co.) rolls out new website and branding initiative.

Chicago, Illinois (May 4, 2017):  HPC (Hilton Publishing Company) has proudly launched an updated, newly branded website to highlight and compliment the strength and growth of our forward-thinking company.

Originally established over 20 years ago, Hilton Publishing Company is now a brand of HPC. The new logo and brand reflect both the innovative services side of the business (HPC) and the publishing side of the business (Hilton Publishing Co.). HPC has experienced immense growth in the last few years, including the addition of innovative and unique cost-saving solutions for our customers.

The new website was designed with a fresh and modern approach. “It was important to create a user-friendly site that not only explains the scope of our services but also explains why we do what we do,” said Dr. Hilton Hudson II, cofounder of HPC. “The site offers clear-cut navigation for new visitors to HPC and has design features specifically focused on our customer’s needs. It’s a site that can be continuously accessed for day-to-day business that will also grow as we grow.”

The new website reflects the different offerings on our service wheel including case studies, whitepapers and testimonials. Each of our service pages have tools that our customers can use to submit information, get quotes, or link to sites or pages including our publishing services and access to our bookstore.

HPC was founded in 1996 as Hilton Publishing Company by Dr. Hilton Hudson II and Dr. Herbert Stern inspired by their mission to educate, inspire and foster medical pride in communities that had long been overlooked, ignored or put aside.

HPC is a leading specialized supplier of strategic service solutions, and a publisher and distributor of books, e-books, journals and magazines for K-12 schools, universities, Fortune 500 corporations and healthcare organizations.

Please visit www.hiltonpub.com to learn how our brand aligns with your organization’s needs and to see the great savings we can provide. We’d love to hear what you think about the site. Please reach out to learn more.