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HPC Association Management FAQs 2018-01-05T14:54:04+00:00

HPC Association Management FAQs

Why consider the association management category of spend with HPC?

The association management category of spend has notable potential for cost and time savings that traditionally has received little-to-no oversight at an enterprise level.

Who are the stakeholders with HPC services?

The stakeholders are those who are charged with reducing and controlling spending.

How much time is required of internal staff with HPC?

On average less than 50 hours spread among 5-10 staff members is required of internal staff, mostly during the implementation phase (over the first 30-60 days). Additional time is negligible.

Will we continue to choose our own memberships and conferences with HPC?

Yes. We establish systems and processes to reduce the time spent by the staff as well as the overall cost.

How does HPC support our employees?

AP staff will be relieved of all in-scope transactions, and association members will save time and worry. Think of HPC as the Help Desk for all associations, conferences, subscriptions, and more.

What is the cost of HPC Association Management service?

Each client is different, however, cost of service is exceeded yearly by the client’s realized financial savings.

How long does it take to achieve results with HPC?

Clients often start realizing savings within three or four months. The total savings recovery period is from 12-36 months, depending on the size and commitment of the organization.

What are HPC’s reporting processes?

Each client’s reports, including format and timing, are customized based on the client’s current environment.

Will HPC share our information with anyone?

No. All client information is protected and kept strictly confidential.

Does HPC receive compensation from associations or conferences

No. We are only compensated by the client. No financial or other soft benefits are received.

How do we identify our spend with HPC?

We will work with the client’s AP or IT team to identify and pull as much in-scope spend from their systems as possible.

What are the next steps with HPC?

The next step is to gather the data to construct an analysis to confirm the scope and savings potential.