My Christian Heart

Author: Hilton Hudson II, M.D., F.A.C.S. with Dr.’s R. Drew Smith and Angelique Walker-Smith Published: 2012 Publisher: Hilton Publishing Language: English Page Count: 151 Binding: Paperback ISBN: 9780984756605 Edition: 1st


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The Heart of the atter, a devotional guide for a health heart, is a guide to maintaining heart health while taking into context both the physical and spiritual needs of the reader. All of the importance science behind heart healh (healthy diets, foods, exercise, cholesterol levels, etc) are communicated in a medically accurate yet spiritual manor.This guide will lead the reader to heart health with the use of spiritual readings and exercised.

The revised edition of this bestselling book will contain the most cutting-edge information on cardiovascular disease, blood lipids, stroke, and medications and therapies available. It will contain a chapter specifically for women including how to recognize signs and symptoms.

All chapters will start with both a religous verse, such as from the Bible, and a short paragraph explaining how the science they are about to read is connected to the verse. This will be followed by a science section, followed by a short summary.

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