My Sickle Cell Journal

Author: HILTON PUBLISHING Published: 2016 Publisher: Hilton Publishing Language: English Page Count: 131 Binding: Spiralbound ISBN: 9780984756674 Edition: 1st


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Overview: Doctors today know the important health benefits their patients can achieve from journaling about a medical condition. Not only can our new journal help sickle cell patients to write about their thoughts and feelings, it has also been designed to serve as a useful tool for doctors by prompting patients to record medication side effects, their personal experience with the disease, and even questions they want to ask at their next office visit. Journaling is PROVEN to reduce stress, improve clarity of thoughts & have a positive impact on patient well-being! Includes a section to record your personal patient MEDICAL HISTORY. Includes a section to document SIDE EFFECTS from prescription medications you’re taking and treatments you’re undergoing.

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