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HPC offers a wealth of health education and medical information for patients of all ages. Not only do we publish our own line of books on health topics like Sickle Cell Disease and healthy cooking, we also provide publications and solutions to support better health outcomes for patients and their families.


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HealthWise Patient Engagement Solution is a complete health content solution for EMRs, PHRs, and websites with print-on-demand capability. We provide meaningful moment-in-care health information and discharge instructions that are concise and written for ease of understanding, with an “overtime” option for patients to access more in-depth, detailed information online. Additional value-add products are also available as a subscription upgrade to our customers, one of which is a Video Library that offers more than 500 educational videos that show rather than tell patients what they need to know about their health. Another value-add product is our selection of more than 1,700 Cerner Multum Drug Leaflets that cover educational information and facts about more than 3,000 over-the-counter and prescription medications.


An advance directive is a living will that allows individuals to document their end-of-life wishes regarding preferred medical treatments in the event of a debilitating illness or accident. HPC provides state-specific advance directives for all 50 U.S. states in both English and Spanish. Our advance directives contain helpful tips and information that will guide individuals and their family members through these difficult but necessary questions. HPC’s company proprietary Advance Directives can also be branded with your health organization’s logo upon request!


  • State-specific advance directives for all 50 states

  • Available in English and Spanish

  • Print-on-demand capability

  • Can be branded with your organization’s name & logo

  • Offers tips and other helpful information related to making important end-of-life decisions that are right for your patients


Hilton Publishing has a number of recently published titles and many new books coming soon in 2017. We are proud of all our authors and continue to work diligently on publishing, promoting and distributing their books in the health, education and general consumer markets.



EMIC Products – which stands for evidence-based medical information company – was founded in 2014 by Hilton Hudson, MD as a solution to bring forth credible medical information and clinically tested products to the healthcare market, with a particular focus on areas of medicine in need of new, unbiased research and innovative solutions.

Today, the leading causes of death are attributed to diseases of the heart, cancer, chronic lower respiratory diseases, cerebrovascular diseases, accidents, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, diseases of the kidneys, influenza and pneumonia. EMIC offers trusted, tested and evidence-based medical information and products designed to reduce deaths attributed to these common causes of death—many of which may be prevented with smarter decisions, healthier behaviors and improved knowledge.


Medical Marijuana
Physical Activity
Smoking Cessation
Sun Safety & Skin Cancer Prevention
Hilton Publishing Company


Our top priority is to make sure that our customers and clients are more than satisfied with our services and pleased with their experience with us.

“Please know that we remain grateful for your efforts to assist us in such matters. As healthcare continues to evolve, the importance of all of us working together to ultimately best serve the patients who depend on us to deliver high quality, cost conscious care remains everyone’s priority.”

-- Executive Medical Director,
Association Management Service Customer

“We are very satisfied. HPC’s librarian has been exceptional and we are looking forward to getting the portal up and running. Thank you!”

-- Director of Nursing, Clinical Education & Professional Development,
Library Management Service Customer

“Having worked with Hilton Publishing for several years as a buyer with Memorial Health System, I can personally attest to the superior product quality and excellent customer service HPC provides. In my new role with MedAssets, it is my privilege to recommend HPC to all of my clients.”

-- GPO Regional Client Manager,
MedAssets, Media Management Service GPO Rep

“There are many coder training and assessment tools available, but none that score and analyze with real cases in a true production environment, identifying your coders’ ICD-10 strengths and hospital’s revenue risks.”

-- Vice President of Sales,
Medical Coding Solutions Customer

“YES, YES, YES!!! I think everyone, self-included, is proud and satisfied. Thanks to you and your folks for ‘GOING THE DISTANCE’ with us.”

-- Dr. John Ruffin, Author of Going the Distance,
Hilton Publishing Division

“Thanks for the update. A few of our folks have worked with Hilton—always good things to say. Good folks and very responsive. Your team has been great to work with. Thank you for your help on this.”

-- Regional Sales Manager, Publisher/Distributor,
Library Management Service Vendor Rep

“Thank you for the information! I was able to get what I needed to place an order. Wow, now this was a quick response! Thank you very much!”

-- Senior Buyer, Corporate Supply Chain,
Media Management Service Customer

“It looks fab! Thank you so much for your help on this! Great job again…”

-- NAHSE National Membership,
Custom Printing & Publishing Customer

“Thanks for contacting me because this sounds much simpler and economical than doing it on my own.”

-- Pharmacist,
Association Management Service Customer

“Wow, is all I can say!!! Thank you so much. This will not only be a help to my students but I am working on a Neonatal Death and Palliative Care Policy and many of these articles will help. I have highlighted the ones I am interested in. If it is too many let me know. Thank you again….you are amazing!”

-- Professional Development Specialist & Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator,
Library Management Service Customer

“You have created the “A” in awesome! Thank you very much for this information. Greatly appreciated!”

-- Buyer, Materials Management,
Media Management Service Customer

“H.I.M. ON CALL employs highly qualified coding staff and delivers an exceptional level of accuracy. They quickly respond to our needs and live-up to their guarantees.”

-- Director of Corporate Coding,
Medical Coding Solutions Customer

“Thank you. This process is certainly very painless. Thank you for this good news. We appreciate everything you do for us.”

-- Manager, Acute Dialysis Unit,
Association Management Service Customer

“Thanks so much, this sales report is perfect!”

-- Lisa Rose, Author of Sickle What?,
Hilton Publishing Division

“Hilton Publishing Co. (HPC) has worked us for over 5 years servicing the health system with books and other media. HPC is a one-stop shop sourcing and procurement partner. They work as true partners and always obtain competitive prices. HPC has excellent customer service, product and service selection, and an unmatched focus on delivery on-time. Their business model and standardization of media purchasing has decreased the cost of business, the cost of product and has greater efficiencies.”

-- Director of Supplier Diversity & Ethical Sourcing, Parkland Health & Hospital System,
Media Management Service Customer

“You must be the most patient person EVER to enroll all of us in conferences! Thanks so much.”

-- Manager Women’s & Children’s Health,
Association Management Service Customer

“Thank you for your help. You do a great job saving for us!”

-- Executive Assistant to President/CEO,
Association Management Service Customer

“Hilton, Thank you to you and your HPC team for responsive customer service!”

-- VP Supplier Diversity,
Media Management Service Customer

“Thank you so much. You all are really wonderful in customer service.”

-- Buyer, Materials Management,
Media Management Service Customer

“I’m getting a lot of good feedback on the [marketing] flyer. There may be an uptake in speaking/book signing events. You did good!”

-- Fred Evans, Author of Surviving Cancer,
Hilton Publishing Division

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